Partnerships & Business Development

Partnering with innovative researchers, manufacturers and technology companies across the pharmaceutical life cycle is at the core of our strategic plan. We are always looking for opportunities to enhance the value of our technology platform and to advance the possibilities of pharmaceutical product development. Like us, our partners and allies are dedicated to enhancing their customers' experiences.

Both our business model and our partner-centric culture align with these strategic relationships. Our 3DP for Pharma platform grew out of an exclusive licensing agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) 3DP process for pharmaceutical research and development. After successfully negotiating FDA approval of SPRITAM (levetiracetam) Tablet(s) for Oral Suspension, the first prescription drug product that is manufactured using the 3DP and ZipDose® Technology, we remain committed to bringing our proprietary ZipDose® Technology to the market in partnership with like-minded innovators.

If you are interested in business development R&D pharma or investment partnership opportunities with Aprecia, please contact us.

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