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Dr. Mike Gosselin Selected to Lead Aprecia’s Product Development Team

Gosselin’s science-based, solution-focused leadership will guide novel 3DP product development from early innovation to commercial production.


CINCINNATI OH, March 13, 2022 – Aprecia Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has chosen Mike Gosselin, Ph.D., as Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development. Gosselin will oversee product development from early innovation to commercial production at Aprecia’s 3DP Center of Excellence in Blue Ash, Ohio.


“Aprecia will continue to grow at a rapid pace by licensing our novel 3DP formulation platforms to enable the development and enhance the value of partnered products," said Chris Gilmore, Aprecia’s Chief Executive Officer. "We continue to add accomplished scientists to realize our mission to deliver unique products through global partnerships. I am pleased to welcome Mike into this important leadership role to ensure that we exceed the expectations for our product development programs."


“Aprecia’s 3D-Printing technology platforms enable the next level of creative freedom and manufacturing agility to help product formulators break through the constraints of conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies,” Gosselin stated. “I am honored to join the industry leaders in 3DP at Aprecia, and I look forward to collaborating with our clients to design novel dosage forms, accelerate time to market, and reduce the cost of product development.”


Gosselin is an experienced executive with 20 years managing people and projects in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing operations. He is well experienced in dosage formulation and process development, scale-up, validation, and manufacturing for solid oral, liquid, and liquid-fill capsule products.


About Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Founded in 2003, Aprecia received the first and only FDA approved three-dimensionally-printed (3DP) prescription pharmaceutical product approval. This breakthrough achievement opened the door to the FDA for the entire industry. Aprecia’s ZipDose® Technology creates rapidly disintegrating oral dosage forms that are easy to take and easy to administer including engineered and coated particles for low or high dose products (over a 1000mg). Aprecia directly owns a patent estate for novel 3DP equipment and pharmaceutical 3DP applications. It licenses its exclusive technology platform as a specialty CDMO to pharmaceutical partners to extend product lines, to improve patient reach and experience, and to help address FDA requirements for pediatric delivery forms. For more information, visit www.aprecia.com.