Z-FORM: Next generation zipdose TECHNOLOGY

the Evolution of the 3dp dosage form.

For almost two decades, Aprecia has focused on unlocking the potential for pharmaceutical products using the precision of 3D printing. Our vision remains to apply continuous innovation of this technology to solve unmet healthcare needs for patients around the world through novel dosage form technology.

Introducing in-cavity printing

Since 2004, Aprecia has led the way in commercial scale 3D-printing technology for pharmaceutical products. First, Aprecia pioneered the use of “open bed” 3D printing at scale to support centralized manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, culminating in FDA approval of the first pharmaceutical product using 3D printing. This foundational manufacturing technology builds dosage forms in a free form manner within “open beds” of powder.  It enables broad market applications for ZipDose® Technology, our family of “fast melt”dosage forms.  

Now Aprecia is adding a new innovation to its processing portfolio: “in-cavity” printing.  In-cavity printing enables several improvements including:

  • Ease in changeover between APIs
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Efficient and rapid scalability (for early clinical supplies and beyond)
  • Increased  process yields
  • Improved pharmaceutical  elegance for 3DP dosage forms
  • Lower cost of goods

Open a New World of Market Possibilities

Aprecia can help you expand your drug pipeline and protect your brand value by unlocking entirely new dosage forms and formulation benefits that can only be achieved using 3DP for Pharma.

a perfect fit: ZIPDOSE in-Cavity printing

Unique digitally-controlled layering of multiple powder streams and printing fluids, now within predetermined spatial confinement: In-Cavity Printing.  This evolution of 3D Printing supports all the benefits of ZipDose fast melt technology, and unparalleled opportunities for the future of pharmaceutical development.


The material-sparing and flexible-dosing aspects of in-cavity printing approach can accelerate early clinical evaluations of differentiated dosage forms. Moreover, costly and time-consuming bridging studies can be avoided by starting with in-cavity printing formulas that are suitable for commercial manufacturing.

offer unique products

Aprecia has broken the dose ceiling for orally dispersing dosage forms and demonstrated commercial scale manufacturing.  In‑cavity printing shatters additional barriers, providing new options for rapid development and manufacture of fixed dose combinations, modified and extended release.

solve difficult problems

In-cavity printing allows for precise placement of powder and liquid without relying on special materials.  This control expands opportunities for handling sensitive APIs or engineered particles, and for creating fit-for-purpose systems to process potent APIs. Like our “open bed” systems, the in-cavity approach remains compatible with off-the-shelf excipients and recognized particle engineering strategies. The overall approach provides new options to address difficult formulation challenges.

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Manufactured with Aprecia’s ZipDose 3DP technology, Spritam (levetiracetam) is available in 4 dose strengths, up to 1,000 mg, and provides appropriate patients who may have difficulty swallowing large tablets an option for an advanced fast-melt tablet. Spritam is the first 3D printed drug approved by the FDA and is currently available by prescription only.

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Evolution of Faster, Better, Cheaper

Aprecia has revolutionized fast-melt technology, taking dose load and disintegration to unprecedented levels and performance. Now, with in-cavity printing, our formulation experts are developing products that once again transcend traditional barriers and limitations in dosage form technology.

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