Z-Fill assembly

the 3dp orodispersible capsule system

Aprecia continuously strives to eliminate barriers for pharmaceutical manufacturing through the precision of 3D printing. In response to potential limitations when formulating moisture or heat sensitive APIs or coatings, Aprecia offers pre-formed orodispersible shells and lids to house these APIs outside of the binder jetting process.

Introducing the pre-formed orodispersible shell

In response to potential limitations when formulating moisture or heat sensitive APIs or coatings, Aprecia developed another innovative process and equipment train that eliminates these stresses from the binder jetting technique and reduces the time it takes to formulate a product. Our approach involves pre-forming orodispersible tablet shells and lids followed by payload deposition, lid sealing, lid marking, and dosage form packaging. The orodispersible shell can contain API or be API free. This design has also been proven at lab scale and is now being tested for use in a cGMP environment.

a new spectrum of product possibilities

Z-FILL is an orodispersible formulation platform that offers a new spectrum of product possibilities by eliminating exposure to moisture or heat duringthe 3DP manufacturing process. Z-FILL consists of a thin outer shell with unbound core a precision fit lid or cap. The Z-FILL formulation platform can be deployed for pharmacy compounding when personalized formulations are required to meet patient needs.


• Accepts more diverse payloads
• Eliminates API exposure to moisture and heat
• Speeds or eliminates formulation work
• Accommodates a high drug load
• Disintegrates rapidly

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Manufactured with Aprecia’s ZipDose 3DP technology, Spritam (levetiracetam) is available in 4 dose strengths, up to 1,000 mg, and provides appropriate patients who may have difficulty swallowing large tablets an option for an advanced fast-melt tablet. Spritam is the first 3D printed drug approved by the FDA and is currently available by prescription only.

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Evolution of Faster, Better, Cheaper

Aprecia has revolutionized fast-melt technology, taking dose load and disintegration to unprecedented levels and performance. Now, with in-cavity printing, our formulation experts are developing products that once again transcend traditional barriers and limitations in dosage form technology.

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