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Aprecia is the global leader in commercial-scale 3DP for pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. We’re committed to creating new solutions for unmet healthcare needs by developing pharma-ready innovations and complementary technology platforms that enable patient-centric products and help take medicine to its fullest potential.


At Aprecia, we strive every day to imagine, inspire, and transform the new age of digital medicine.

Aprecia is a unique drug delivery technology platform company that’s committed to transforming the patient and caregiver experience by reducing pill burden or simply making medicines easier to take. We imagine a world where medications are no longer challenging for patients to take or for caregivers to give. And we inspire each other every day to seek innovative solutions that address administration and adherence needs.

Built upon our proprietary three-dimensional printing (3DP) technology platform, we focus on opportunities where there is a need for medicines that are easy to take. Aprecia is the first and only company in the world utilizing this cutting-edge 3DP technology platform to develop and manufacture pharmaceutical products on a commercial scale. We believe our platform will generate multiple product-enhancing drug delivery technologies that can be used across all therapeutic categories. Our first innovation that leverages 3DP is ZipDose® Technology and is uniquely able to accommodate a high dosage load (over 1000 mg of active pharmaceutical ingredient) in a rapidly orodispersible tablet with a wide range of taste masking capabilities. With these capabilities, ZipDose Technology is redefining the fast-melt market.

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New solutions and new possibilities for patients and caregivers in the new digital age of medicine

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Never stop exploring ways to take medicine to it’s fullest potential

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Establish 3DP technology as a true digital pharmaceutical manufacturing technology


Aprecia, the 3DP Pharmaceutical Company, is a privately held pharmaceutical technology company led by a seasoned, highly motivated team of individuals who have been contributing to the advancement of pharmaceuticals over the course of their careers.

E. Thomas Arington



Mr. Arington has served as a member of the Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Board of Directors since 2010 and as Chairman of the Board since 2011. His vision for three-dimensional printing in pharmaceuticals spans more than 20 years. Mr. Arington has spent his lifetime in the pharmaceutical industry, significantly contributing to the advancement of pharmaceuticals in multiple companies and roles.

  • Founder and Chairman of Prasco
  • Former Chairman and CEO of Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Former Chairman and CEO of MarketMaster
  • 17 years with Lederle, including senior management positions

Christopher e. gilmore

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Gilmore was named Aprecia’s Chief Executive Officer in April 2019. He previously served as Vice President, Strategic Business Ventures at Prasco Laboratories, where he made significant contributions to corporate growth. His more than 22 years of experience include leadership awards in sales, marketing, business strategy, M&A and global commercialization. During his time at Prasco, Gilmore served as a business development consultant for Aprecia, where he successfully established key business partnerships.

  • Former Vice President, Strategic Business Ventures at Prasco Laboratories
  • Former Executive Director, Authorized Generics at Prasco Laboratories
  • Published author on sales, marketing and business strategy

Michael Rohlfs

Chief Financial Officer & SVP of Business Operations


Mr. Rohlfs has served as Aprecia’s Chief Financial Officer since July 2013 and brings over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Mr. Rohlfs’ career has been focused in the areas of strategic planning, finance, business operations and business analytics while serving in progressive management and leadership roles including:

  • Vice President of Business Development Services at Prasco Laboratories
  • Plant Controller at Barr Laboratories
  • Director of Planning & Budget at Duramed Pharmaceuticals

Jaedeok Yoo, Ph.D., MBA

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Yoo started his 3DP journey at MIT in 1991, investigating various applications of then nascent technology with unlimited potential.  Since then, he has pioneered numerous applications of 3DP in pharmaceutical and tissue repair fields, resulting in 18 issued US patents as well as several pending patent applications.  Dr. Yoo’s pharmaceutical industry experience spans more than 20 years and includes key roles such as:

  • Disruptive Technology Seeker, Pharma 4.0 at GlaxoSmithKline
  • Co-founder and VP of Research & Engineering at Aprecia Pharmaceuticals
  • Assistant Director of Core Technology at Therics, Inc.

Donald Wetherhold

Senior Executive Advisor & SVP


Mr. Wetherhold brings 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and today serves as a key strategist and advisor to the senior executive team at Aprecia. Mr. Wetherhold previously served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (2013 – 2017) and has held numerous leadership positions across the pharmaceutical value chain throughout his career.

  • Senior Vice President, Long-Term Care at Omnicare, Inc.
  • Advisor to the Chairman at Prasco
  • Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hampton-Laine, Prasco's branded pharmaceutical business
  • President of RxPedite LLC
  • President of Sales and Marketing Services at Cardinal Health, Inc.

Kimberly Eggers, PharmD

Vice President of Medical and Clinical Affairs


Dr. Kimberly (Kim) Eggers serves as Aprecia's Vice President of Medical & Clinical Affairs, where she oversees the company’s clinical research and safety, data management/biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, medical information, and new product research departments. Dr. Eggers holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Georgia. Prior to joining Aprecia in 2019, Eggers served 13 years in several leadership positions at Publix Super Markets, Inc.  including:

  • Senior Manager of Managed Care
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Retail Pharmacy Manager

Kathi Rinesmith, R.Ph., MS

Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs


Mrs. Rinesmith serves as Aprecia's Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, where she will lead the company’s regulatory strategy, objectives, policies,and programs pertaining to the company's marketed and pipeline products. Her more than 30 years of experience spans the development and registration of pharmaceutical products from early to late-stage product development, during which she has demonstrated success leading sponsor teams at FDA meetings and through the registration review process with the FDA for new product approvals.  In addition, she’s been responsible for product life-cycle management, fulfillment of product post-approval reporting obligations and global pharmacovigilance for commercial products as well as those in development. She has also contributed toward industry initiatives to develop science-based approaches to regulation by serving on a past Product Quality Research Institute (PQRI) Packaging Committee, by serving on a USP Expert Committee for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms for a 5-year term and by providing industry feedback on draft FDA guidance documents.  Previously, Mrs. Rinesmith held senior executive product development and regulatory roles at:

  • Camargo Pharmaceutical Services
  • Prasco Laboratories
  • Barr Labs
  • Duramed Pharmaceuticals

Mahendra Patel, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor


Dr. Mahendra Patel has been a key scientific advisor to Aprecia since 2003. Along with Mr. E Thomas Arington, Dr. Patel has shared a vision for the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. His expertise has been instrumental in product and equipment design through commercial viability. Dr. Patel’s career includes strategic roles across the industry including:

  • President of Navinta
  • Former CSO of Sandoz
  • Former CEO of CorMedix
  • Co-founder and former VP of Invamed


Aprecia Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2003 with the explicit goal of achieving commercial production for unique pharmaceutical dosage forms via advanced three-dimensional printing (3DP) technology. Powder-liquid 3DP, a novel technology that forms objects layer by layer, was originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the late 1980s as a rapid-prototyping technique. From 1993 to 2003, this work was expanded into the distinct areas of tissue engineering and pharmaceuticals. While 3DP technology rights were licensed for a diverse range of industrial fields, MIT's 3DP process and its applications in the pharmaceutical industry are exclusively licensed to Aprecia.

In 2007, we began developing our orodispersible platform, known as ZipDose® Technology. ZipDose® formulations bring easy-to-swallow functionality to high-dose medications, overcoming challenges unaddressed by prior technologies. Our vision: to enhance patients' experience with highly prescribed high-dose medications.

In 2008, Aprecia began working with a proprietary forming system that enhances manufacturing efficiency and output in the 3DP process. This enabled us to achieve our initial goal of reaching commercial production for our 3DP formulations.

This initiative continued through 2011, when we further refined this process to prepare for commercialization of the 3DP and ZipDose® Technology platform in a cGMP facility.

In 2011, Aprecia also began operations at our facility in East Windsor, NJ.

In 2015, Aprecia's first 3D printed drug product was approved by the FDA.Aprecia continues to add manufacturing capacity and additional sites to support our expanding product pipeline and enhance our commercial capacity.

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals is founded
Operations initiated

ZipDose® Technology development begins


Proprietary 3DP forming system built


Registration and launch facility opens in East Windsor, NJ


Filing of first NDA with the FDA


First product approved by US FDA; initiated commercial manufacturing operations at East Windsor, NJ


First and only FDA-approved 3D printed product launched in the US


New high throughput commercial scale equipment qualified

  • New Ohio GMP manufacturing site inspected and approved for Spritam production

  • Additional patents issued and filed

  • New development scale equipment qualified