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Aprecia Names Chris Gilmore Chief Executive Officer

Christopher E. Gilmore, CEO, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

CINCINNATI OH, April 17, 2019 – Aprecia, the 3DP PharmaceuticalCompany, today announced that Chris Gilmore has been named the company’s Chief Executive Officer. A veteran leader in pharmaceutical business development and corporate strategy, Gilmore will lead the company as it accelerates progress on expanding access to 3D-printed pharmaceutical products globally.

Gilmore previously served as Vice President, Strategic Business Ventures at Prasco Laboratories, where he made significant contributions to corporate growth. His more than 22 years of experience include leadership awards in sales, marketing, business strategy, M&A and global commercialization. During his time at Prasco, Gilmore served as a business development consultant for Aprecia, where he successfully established key business partnerships.

“A dedicated steward of a partnering culture, Chris Gilmore is someone who has the ability to spot high potential, build long-term relationships and close deals,” said E. Thomas Arington, Aprecia’s Chairman.“We are excited to see his enthusiasm and collaborative spirit put to work toward our mission to establish Aprecia as a global leader in new technology platforms that create solutions for unmet healthcare needs.”

Aprecia is the world’s first and only manufacturer of FDA-approved pharmaceutical products using three dimensional printing (3DP).  The company’s first technology platform,ZipDose® Technology, produces rapidly disintegrating orodispersible tablets designed to address patient compliance by making medicine easy to swallow and administer. In additional to its commercial scalability, 3DP lends itself to small batch production as well, and is at the forefront of rapid-prototyping in early drug development and clinical trials. Several different formulations can be achieved within a short period of time enabling the possibility of adaptive clinical trial material. This rapid-prototyping production provides an opportunity to accelerate drug development in both clinical trial and life cycle extension of pharmaceutical products. Aprecia is currently positioned to expand its 3DP technology across multiple therapeutic categories globally, and has recently signed an agreement with a leading CDMO in Japan as part of this long term strategy.

“Aprecia has a tremendous opportunity to expand innovation across the pharmaceutical industry, Gilmore stated. “I’m thrilled to be working with the dedicated individuals at Aprecia who are pioneering the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing and creating unique dosage forms to improve patient experience and outcomes.”


Aprecia, the world leader in three-dimensionally-printed pharmaceutical products, expects to use its ZipDose® Technology to transform the way people take medicine. Its first innovation, ZipDose® Technology can be combined with a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients to create rapidly disintegrating oral dosage forms that are easy to take and easy to administer. Aprecia directly owns a patent estate for novel 3DP machines and pharmaceutical 3DP applications, and plans to license its exclusive patent protected technology to pharmaceutical partners as a means to extend product lines, expand patient reach, and protect market exclusivity for innovator’s brand products.